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30 Moores Drive, Mount Pearl - Real Estate Success


30 Moores Drive, Mount Pearl - Real Estate Success

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In todays bustling real estate market we had the privilege of a recent property listing at 30 Moores Drive which stands out as a testament to the demand for well-situated homes and the power of strategic marketing and negotiation. Originally listed at $319,900, this property not only attracted immense interest but also sold for a price well beyond the sellers’ expectations, setting a benchmark for similar listings in the area.

The Listing

The property in question, 30 Moores Drive in Powers Pond Mount Pearl, features an upstairs apartment with 3+1 bedrooms and a downstairs 1-bedroom apartment, making it an attractive investment for buyers looking for rental income or a multi-family home setup. The strategic listing of such a versatile property in Mount Pearl, known for its family-friendly neighborhoods and proximity to essential amenities, set the stage for the overwhelming interest it garnered.

Coordination and Challenges

One of the unique aspects of this sale was the coordination required to manage viewings around the current tenants’ schedules. Despite these logistical challenges, the effort was seamless, demonstrating the importance of cooperation and flexibility in real estate transactions. Over three days, we managed to organize viewings for 50 agents and potential buyers, a testament to the property’s allure and the effective marketing strategies employed.

Overwhelming Response

The response to 30 Moores Drive was nothing short of spectacular. The property received a whopping 13 offers, indicating a high level of interest and competition among potential buyers. This level of engagement is a clear indicator of the property’s desirability and the buoyant real estate market in Mount Pearl.

The Winning Offer

What set the winning offer apart was not just the price but also the terms that accompanied it. In a bold move, the winning bidder chose to waive the home inspection clause, a decision that made their offer more attractive in the sellers’ eyes amidst a sea of competing bids. This gesture demonstrated the buyer’s confidence in the value and condition of the property, as well as their eagerness to seal the deal.

Lessons and Implications

The success story of 30 Moores Drive offers several key takeaways for both sellers and real estate professionals:

1. **Preparation and Presentation**: Effective coordination with tenants and scheduling can significantly enhance the selling process, impacting the final sale outcome positively.

2. **Market Strategy**: The timing of the listing and the approach to marketing can greatly influence the level of interest generated. Our Social Media and Google campaign captured over 10,000 views in just 36 hours.

3. **Negotiation Skills**: Understanding the dynamics of offer presentation and the elements that can make an offer stand out are crucial in a competitive market.


The sale of 30 Moores Drive in Mount Pearl is a compelling example of how well-executed strategies and thoughtful handling of a real estate transaction can lead to outstanding results. For sellers, it underscores the importance of choosing the right real estate professionals who can guide them through complex decisions and negotiations. For buyers, it highlights the competitive nature of hot markets and the need to make strong, appealing offers.

As we celebrate the success at 30 Moores Drive, we are reminded of the vibrant potential of Mount Pearl’s real estate market and the opportunities it holds for both buyers and sellers. The lessons learned from this sale will undoubtedly influence future transactions in the area, setting a precedent for excellence and strategic acumen in real estate dealings.